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Monday, July 09, 2018
By PhotoArt4U

* DISCLAIMER - if you're "looking for a professional/affordable/reasonable photographer" - the following tips and info are NOT for you. Good luck with your search. * 


Another destination wedding week is over. (Grand Palladium, Riviera Maya, Mexico - a few samples are attached). Landed on Saturday night - leaving again Thursday early morning, for another beautiful wedding in BC... While in Mexico, checking my messages and notifications from weddings related groups - I've noticed a "trend" of photographers/videographers/HMUAs - CANCELLING their contracts with their clients - MONTHS before the wedding day, causing the clients to panic and start looking for new vendors...
From a short survey that I've done and lucky, quite a few brides and couples were happy to share with me their experiences - very few of those cases were kinda "justified", like an important surgery that was rescheduled after a long waiting time, personal/family issue that caused an immediate relocation... but all the others - had NO actual explanation, but just pathetic excuses (and lies of course). In one case - I know for fact that a vendor has found a client with a way higher budget so canceling on the previous client was "no-brainer"... And one of the last posts I've read was - the videographer has found a day job (!!!) so she canceled on the client... I hope she refunded the deposit they paid her... 

So - what is happening...? WHY it becomes a "trend"? HOW to avoid it?

There's only ONE ANSWER to this issue: Experience and Reputation.
Since everyone with a camera in their hand (purchased during the Christmas Boxing Day at Best Buy) are declaring themselves as a "professional wedding photographer" about 2 months after their purchase - that term (professional photographer) is NOT something you should be looking for... Because - most of them (and I know there are a few exceptions, but good luck finding those..) have decent day jobs, other businesses and what not - that put their "photography business" in second (if not third) priority... That's why - again, most of them - do not have a FULL FRAME CAMERA, they don't have any BACKUP GEAR, they don't care about BUSINESS LICENCES and COMMERCIAL PERMITS for some areas and locations... they are willing to shoot for very low fees or even for FREE (like another trend of doing destination weddings for no fee, just the coverage of flights and hotel...) - only because THAT'S THE ONLY WAY they will be booked... their service/product is NOT WORTH spending money on, so they offer it for free or cheap. They do not have ANY OBLIGATION to you and that's why they are "affordable"... But hey - you can save quite a bit on those. At your own risk of course. 

Now - if you ever have rented a car from an EXPERIENCED and REPUTABLE company, and on the day of you picking up the car, it was not available (for WHATEVER the reason is) - the company will AUTOMATICALLY provide you with an UPGRADED car... So... why your "professional" vendor let YOU look for an alternative or replacement, while THEY are the ones who have canceled the contract...? Think about that, you will see where I'm going with this issue.

Thank you for reading - hope this will help you to find the Experienced and Reputable vendor for your Big Day - especially the one/s that will be handling your ONLY VISUAL MEMORIES from that day.

Any questions/comments? Feel free to contact back. Education is not a taboo word and it's free. :) 

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