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Thursday, January 25, 2018
By PhotoArt4U

Someone convinced me to start a blog on/with my website...

This just might be a good decision... well... depends on who you ask.
If someone is looking for a pink-painted and sugar-coated politically correct hypocritical nonsense - this is the wrong place to look for that. 

This platform will be for those who want to LEARN & EDUCATE THEMSELVES and are SERIOUS about what they are looking for.  

So - whether you're looking for an EXPERIENCED WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER (and not sure what to ask...), or you're looking to get a BOUDOIR PHOTOS DONE - for your significant other (and not sure who might be the right, experienced and reputable photographer for that matter) , or - you just were told that you should be A MODEL (and you think that paying $300 - $1000 for joining an agency is a "normal" thing) - you will get most of your questions and concerns - answered here.

I'm standing behind everything you will read here, as ALL of that based on my personal and business experiences. 
Opinions, perspectives and points of view - are MY PERSONAL ones and it's totally OK to disagree with those, I totally respect other/different opinions - and we will leave it at that.

I look forward to see how this blog will turn out, because honestly - I'm not sure our local "industry" is ready for some of the things I have to say... 

Stay Tuned... 


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