Why Choosing PhotoArt4U...?  


I see in Photography more than just a profession or a business... For me - it's a way of life. Being a wedding and portraits photographer, capturing timeless and priceless moments in someone's life or event - is a privilege. Working with people is a fascinating and unforgettable EXPERIENCE - and that is exactly why I've chosen this path with my photography business. I bring variety of styles, mainly from my background - into the mix, of which your final product is made... From modern art and photojournalism - through fashion and lifestyle, with a pinch of traditional touch - you are getting the perfect combination that will suit not only your vision and expectations, but also your budget.

A few details you should know about me and the way I run my photography business:
I'm the photographer you will be meeting at your consultation, I'm the one who will be photographing your Big Day, I'm the one that will be going through your images afterwards and editing them, retouching and choosing (together with you) the collection you would like in your wedding album. I'm also the one who will be designing that album and sending to you to approve before it goes to printing. 
All samples on my website are from real weddings. FULL DAY galleries preview are available upon request. 

For any questions, concerns and ideas please feel free to call or text 403.667.9141
I'd love to hear from you. 


The VALUE of your only visual memories from The Big Day - will outlive the long forgotten price you payed for them...  

How To Find The RIGHT Photographer

Budget is important, but so is your ONLY VISUAL memories from your Big Day.

These days, the "PROFESSIONAL" (photographer) term is outdated. Instead, you should look for an EXPERIENCED and REPUTABLE photographer,

who has ONLY REAL WEDDINGS on their website, rather than "styled/staged" photo sessions with models.

Those samples DO NOT REFLECT the photographer's work in REAL TIME and with REAL COUPLES.


Asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS, will help finding the RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER.

Where to start...?


*** WEBSITE ***

Your first impression with someone, starts with their website.

NOT Instagram. NOT Facebook Page.

(Ask yourself do you really want to hire someone who can't afford a professional website for their business...)



The best way to check how the photographer REALLY works,

is simply to ask them to show you photos from a full wedding.

(naturally, websites present the "best" images of someone's work, but not always from REAL weddings)



Any established wedding photographer will have those, for obvious reasons. 



There's nothing wrong about asking the photographer about their cameras & lens.

(FULL FRAME camera and PRIME LENS usually means that the photographer has invested in the best gear

and you are going to get way higher quality images)

Ask about their backup gear.

("...what happens if your camera falls, or stop working for any reason...?")



VERY legit and important question!

("what happens if you can't make it to our wedding...?")



This topic is a pretty grey area with quite a few variables,

that (unfortunately) most of the photographers will NOT disclose in full...

I can elaborate on this one in person, when I meet my couples for their consultation.

(in general lines, I'd be careful when someone quotes you for "80-100 images per hour")



The best way to check how your photographer works with "real" couple, who has no camera/modelling experience.

Giving directions for posing, finding your flattering angles, making you comfortable in front of the camera, 

being able to show you the images as you shoot, from the camera's back screen (as is, no edits).

(Usually offered as a complimentary service)



CONTACT ME with any questions you may have. 





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